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    Sludge Conveyors

    According to the nature of the sludge and the project, we can provide you with a cost-effective way of conveying.

    Dual Cylinder of S Valve Pump

    Application Fields:It is suitable for transporting sludge with high solid content and high viscosity, such as municipal sludge, industrial sludge, kitchen waste, river gushing sludge, etc. It can realize large flow and long distance material transportation.

    Technological advantages:The hydraulic control system is safe and reliable with closed-loop monitoring and real-time oil replenishing loop.

    The labyrinthine sealing structure and self-lubricating support are adopted to form multiple misealing barriers to prevent the internal and external leakage of sludge effectively, which is researched and developed independently.

    The feeding adjustment is stepless, the filling ratio is high, and the  range of material particle is wide(≤2/3 discharging diameter).

    Screw Conveyor

    Application Fields:Can transport sludge of different moisture content, suitable for medium and short distance straight line transport.

    Technological advantages:Simple structure and high reliability. Sealed without leakage.

    Screw Pump

    Application Fields:Apply to transport medium and low viscosity material with good fluidity. Suitable for moderate curve transportation along the road that of distance not long.
    Technological advantages:Operate steadily. Operate with dry mud is strictly prohibited.

    Drag Conveyor

    Application Fields:Transport sludge with high dryness. It is suitable for height straight and short line sludge transportation.

    Technological advantages:The inclination angle can less than 90° to increase the space utilization.

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